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Are you concerned about your hearing? Would you benefit from Ear Wax Cleaning?

We are a locally owned and operated Hearing Provider servicing the South West District

Do You:

  • Feel isolated from conversation?
  • Have difficulty hearing in noisy situations?
  • Feel family members complain that the television or radio is too loud?
  • Have ringing/noises in the ears or head?
  • Feel people mumble when they speak to you?
  • Have difficulty hearing on the phone?
  • Feel family members or friends complain that you cannot hear them?

If you fall into any of the above categories or simply just want a check, phone Coastal Hearing on 5562 0004.

‘For the hearing care you deserve.’


  • Hearing Assessments for Pension, DVA & Private clients
  • Government Accredited to provide fully subsidised Hearing Aids and Services to eligible Pensioners & Department of Veterans Affairs clients
  • Hearing Aid & ALD fittings
  • Hearing Aid Batteries & Repairs
  • Hearing Rehabilitation
  • Hearing Assessments – Children 4 years & up
  • Pre-employment & Industrial Assessments
  • Earplugs – swimmer, musician & noise protection
  • Wax removal using the wax ring & suctioning methods. No syringing.


About Coastal Hearing

Dee Jaynes has a Diploma in Hearing Device Prescription & Evaluation and has been involved in the hearing industry for the last 29 years. Richard and Dee decided to set up their own family run, hearing business in order to deliver a personal, high quality service to the hearing impaired. Coastal Hearing was established in January 2013, is permanently based in Warrnambool and has visiting sites in Cobden & Mortlake.

Coastal Hearing is Government accredited to provide fully subsidised hearing aids & services to eligible Pensioners & DVA clients. If a hearing aid wearer is already on the pension program for hearing services, they can transfer at NO COST and be seen by Coastal Hearing (the Government then pays Coastal Hearing to provide ongoing services to this client). They also provide full hearing assessments, hearing aid & device fittings and rehabilitation services to the greater community.

What Pensioners are entitled to

  • A full hearing assessment every 5 years.
  • Fully subsidised hearing aids which are fully automatic (help in quiet & noise). Clients can contribute to the cost of higher end h/a’s if wanting too.
  • Annual Maintenance Agreement currently set (by the Government) at $52.20 which covers all batteries, servicing & repairs (PCC holders). There is no charge to gold DVA card holders.
  • Client review appointment every year.
  • Maintenance/trouble shooting appointments & services whenever needed.
  • Free wax removal for all aided clients
  • If not wanting h/a’s, can access Assistive Listening Devices and TV devices.
  • Clients who are deemed to have complex communication needs and require hearing assistance will be guided along the path to seeking relevant specialist support.


  • Full hearing assessment currently set at $110.
  • Hearing aid packages starting at $3,000 (including 2 x h/a’s). All hearing aids are covered by a 3 year warranty.
  • Client review appointment every year.
  • Maintenance/trouble shooting appointments & services when needed.
  • If not wanting h/a’s, can access Assistive Listening Devices and TV devices (prices vary).

Deteriorating hearing makes it increasingly difficult for us to converse with other people. This can eat away at our self-confidence and have a negative impact on our general well-being and our quality of life as a whole. Hearing loss is not something to be taken lightly. It is important to do something about it, sooner rather than later to maximize the enjoyment of life.

Dee Jaynes

Coastal Hearing

Call now to arrange an appointment at your preferred location on 5562 0004 for the best in hearing care.

Locally owned and operated Hearing provider servicing the South West District.

Government accredited to provide fully subsidised hearing aids and services to eligible Pensioners and Department of Veterans Affairs clients

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Clinic Locations

Warrnambool (main clinic)

Coastal Hearing
9 Greenvale Court

Mortlake (visiting site)

Mortlake Community Health Centre
23 Boundary Road

Cobden (visiting site)

Cobden Health
5 Victoria Street